We are BeLonG To Youth Services, the national organisation supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex young people in Ireland.

We believe that no one would have to come out if everyone chose to come in.

To come in is to show that you support, you understand and you accept the LGBTI+ community. Last year we put this to the nation:

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Join the movement and Come In!

If you’re a secondary school student, come in to school wearing a jumper in your year’s rainbow colours during Stand Up Awareness Week on Friday 20th November (1st yrs red, 2nd yrs orange, 3rd yrs yellow, 4th yrs green,5th yrs blue and 6th yrs purple).

If you’re a teacher or principal, your school can join Stand Up Awareness Week from November 16th– 20th and take a stand against LGBTI+ related bullying.

If you’re a supporter, ally or member of the LGBTI+ community, we’re giving you a new way to show that you’ve Come In.


What is it? – A symbol. An icon. A statement. A badge. A mural. A t-shirt. A promise.

Download this icon and make it your own with a doodle, sketch, pattern, words of wisdom: whatever you like!

We love what Ciara O’Neill/@ciaramakesthings has designed for us above.

Now it is over to you!

It’s our plan for all sorts of different versions of this icon to appear online and in the real world over the coming months


Create Your Unique #ComeIn Symbol


You can also state on social channels that you’ve #ComeIn, using our hashtag, putting it in your bio, sharing a story or post. Search #ComeIn on Instagram to use our stickers and gifs.