70% of young LGBTI+ people name bullying at school as a major source of anxiety and 90% struggle with their mental health. They feel pressure to come out. Then, they are often bullied for coming out. But the rest of us don’t have to stand back and watch. The rest of us can choose to come in. To come in is to stand up and show your support for your LGBTI+ friends, family, classmates and colleagues. For strangers, for those who might need it the most.

Come in as part of Stand Up Week, 11-15th November 2019, against LGBTI+ bullying. Pledge to come in using our #ComeIn declaration. Wear a jumper in a colour from the rainbow on Friday 15th November to show your support.

Come in on social media, come in to your friends, and come in to join a movement which will create a society of complete acceptance, understanding and growth.

If everybody chose to come in, nobody would have to come out.


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