Coming Out Resources


We have created two new resources: a Coming Out Guide for Young People and a Coming Out Guide for Parents. These are available free of charge for young people, families, schools, youth services and anyone who is working with LGBTI+ young people.

If you are working in a school, youth organisation or service, we are happy to send a larger quantity of booklets.

Coming Out As You: A Guide for Young People

Figuring out if you are LGBTI+ can be confusing. It’s OK to take time to discover what feels right for you. You know yourself best and can choose how you want to identify or choose not to define yourself by any label. We have put together a Coming Out Guide with tips, advice and support which is available free of charge simply be filling in the form below.

Coming Out: A Guide for Parents

We know that it can be tough on a parent when their child comes out as LGBTI+. Your child has probably come to terms with their sexual orientation or gender identity and felt comfortable enough about it to ‘come out’ to you. Now it’s your turn to deal with this in the best way that you can. We have put together some helpful information support and advice, which is available free of charge by filling in the form below.

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