Corporate Workshops

We know that creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture at work is important to many businesses, not just because its right, but because it makes business sense! More open, diverse, and equal workplaces have happier and more productive teams leading to greater profits. With research telling us that 62% of ‘out’ graduates going back into the closet when they take up their first job companies have to work at creating open and inclusive cultures. Our training and workshops can help you to achieve these objectives.

If you are concerned about facilitating workshops in your workplace due to Covid19, we have the capacity to deliver workshops remotely via video conferencing. For more information about this option please contact us at or call us on 016706223.

LGBTI+ 101

This topic is a gateway to the LGBTI+ community, it is designed as a universal introduction to all things LGBTI+, topics covered include:

  • LGBTI+ terminology
  • Gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, and biological sex
  • The Do’s and Don’ts when someone comes out
  • Signs of mental ill health
  • How to be support
  • Where to get help and support

Duration: 90 minutes

Participants: up to 30

Suggested Donation: €500 – €1,000


Ensuring your workplace is Trans inclusive

Being inclusive to trans, non-binary, and intersex colleagues can be very easy. This practical workshop will equip you and your team with the fundamentals of how to be a trans inclusive workplace, topics covered include:

  • Correct use of pro-nouns and language
  • Trans identity, transitioning, and coming out
  • How to support a trans colleague, friend, or family member
  • How to best accommodate a trans staff member in the workplace
  • Where to get help and support

Duration: 90 minutes

Participants: up to 30

Suggested Donation: €500 – €1,000


How to be an LGBTI+ Champion

Change can be challenging, and change needs champions to make it happen. This workshop is a masterclass in how to lead change in your organisation to make it LGBTI+ inclusive, topics covered include:

  • The theory of leading organisational change management
  • Steps you can take to ensure your workplace is LGBTI+ inclusive
  • Inclusion of LGBTI+ needs in organisational policy
  • Developing an anti-LGBTI+ bullying policy

Duration: 2 hrs  30 minutes

Participants: up to 12

Audience: This workshop is specifically targeted at change makers and leaders within your organisation. The participants should have responsibility for strategy, and operational delivery/ oversight of diversity, equity, and inclusion programmes across the business.

Suggested Donation: €750 – €1,500


Why choose BeLonG To?

Our LGBTI+ training experience goes back over two decades and we’ve literally written the book on growing up LGBTI+ in Ireland. Our professional staff team have led on or contributed to the major research studies in LGBTI+ identity in Ireland. All of our training has been developed with partnership with LGBTI+ people ensuring it reflects their lived reality.

Our workshops use a mix of formal and non-formal educational techniques ensuring the content is accessible to the widest possible audience. Active participation is the hall-mark of our training philosophy and participants will be engaged in an interactive learning session where questions, story telling, and engagement are welcomed.

By choosing one of the leading NGO’s working for LGBTI+ equality in Ireland to provide your training you are supporting the community directly, the donations made in lieu of us charging for training go directly to our support services and anti-discrimination campaigns, improving the lives of thousands of LGBTI+ people across Ireland each year.

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