eLearning Course – LGBT+ Inclusive Workplaces

The aim of this interactive e-learning course is to support employees and colleagues to understand LGBT+ issues, have a better understanding of their own unconscious bias and how that affects their behaviour and the steps they can take personally to improve their awareness.

Importantly this course also highlights what organisations can do to create inclusive environments for LGBTI+ employees and makes the business case for doing so.

Delivered through a mix of engaging videos and interactive testing participants can complete the training in a one-hour block or complete it in stages at their own pace. Each participant is also provided with a participant’s coursebook with further reading and reference materials.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training participants will:

  1. Know the challenges faced by LGBT+ people in Ireland
  2. Understand that the vast majority of us have some subconscious biases regarding LGBT+ people and learn techniques to manage these.
  3. Develop confidence in responding appropriately if a friend, family member, or colleague comes out to them.
  4. Understand language and terminology relating to sexuality and gender identity.
  5. Understand the business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion programmes in work.
  6. What steps to take to make their workplace more inclusive for LGBT+ people.

Each participant who completes the course with a satisfactory grade will be awarded a certificate of completion from us, the leading LGBTI+ training provider and NGO in Ireland.


Pricing: €24.95 per trainee

Bulk Pricing Discounts:

When you wish to purchase multiple units of training, we will apply a bulk discount:

10+ trainees 10% discount
20+ trainees 20% discount
50+ trainees 25% discount

Licensing Agreements:

If your organisation will be training 100+ individuals over a prescribed period, you may want to consider a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year licensing arrangement.

Preferred Pricing Programs:

Customised programs for government, and social enterprises that are tailored to organisation size and duration of licence are available.

Free trial available on request for up to two users for 7 days considering licensing agreements with 50+ trainees. Contact us today on 01 670 6223 to arrange your free trial.