Stand Up Resources

Stand Up Awareness Week a time for your school to take a stand against homophobic, transphobic, and biphobic bullying that many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI+) students experience.

By marking Stand Up Awareness Week in your school, you can help to create a friendlier, safer school for LGBTI+ students. This year, Stand Up Awareness Week takes place from November 16th-20th 2020.

Each year we send resource packs to second-level schools and youth services around Ireland at the beginning of October.

Encourage your students to #ComeIn to school wearing a jumper in their year’s colours on Friday 20th November, the last day of Stand Up Awareness Week. Ask them to beg, borrow or buy a jumper in their year’s colours so that the whole school will make up the LGBTI+ rainbow flag: 1st yrs red, 2nd yrs orange, 3rd yrs yellow, 4th yrs green,5th yrs blue and 6th yrs purple. Please make sure to use #ComeIn when you are sharing your photos online.

Check out our 2020 resources and classroom activities.

2020 School Resources

Stand Up Resource/Activity Pack 2020: This resource is packed with cross-curricular activities, an introduction to LGBTI+ terminology, and information on supporting trans students.

LGBTI+ Terminology Poster

Stand Up Poster for Schools 2020 (English)

Stand Up Poster for Schools 2020 (Irish)

Stand Up Poster for Youth Services 2020 (English)


Additional Resources

Curriculum Activities

The links and worksheets below relate to curriculum-based activity ideas provided on page 11 of the Stand Up Awareness Week 2020 Resource Pack. If you don’t have a copy, you can download a copy of the pack here.

Business Studies: 

Ask your students to read these articles to start a discussion relating to brands and sponsorship of LGBTI+ events:

Irish: Download a copy of the first Irish/English queer dictionary An Foclóir Aiteach’ here.

History: Download a copy of the LGBTI+ Ireland History Timeline here.

Geography: View the ILGA world map of sexual orientation laws here.

Classroom Discussions:

Video: Journalist, Lyra McKee, TED Talk – How uncomfortable conversations can save lives.

Article: MEP Maria Walsh discusses her sexuality.

Video: Activist, Panti Bliss – Panti’s noble call at the Abbey Theatre.

Articles: LGBTI+ identities and sports: