Corporate Partnerships

BeLonG To provides the opportunity for companies to support us as a charity partner, we are a progressive organisation that saves and enhances the lives of young LGBTI+ people across Ireland.

Why Support BeLonG To?

  • The need is great, our LGBTI+ youth population is over 100,000 young people across the country who need access to safe places to make friends, help, information, and support
  • Research shows that LGBTI+ employees are 20-30% more productive if they are ‘out’ at work and feel supported in work.

How Can Companies Get Involved?

There are lots of ways companies (big and small) can work in partnership with BeLonG To, promoting diversity & inclusion, skills development, confidence building, health awareness.

Working in collaboration is a core value of our team. We always work together with you to ensure that your objectives, as well as our own are met.

  • Make a corporate donation to our general fund – helping to keep the door open and making a strategic investment in creating an inclusive and diverse society.
  • Fund one of our campaigns, youth groups, training programs, or education projects.
  • Adopt BeLonG To as your charity of the year – we can provide extensive support to you and your team with lots of fundraising and staff engagement ideas.
  • Employee and customer fundraising – a great way to promote team spirit and employee and customer loyalty.
  • Sponsorship and cause related marketing – linking your brand to ours at the point of sale for commercial benefits and branding rights to directly boost your sales.
  • In-kind support – including professional expertise, resources, advice and gifts/ services in-kind.

Benefits for our Corporate Supporters

We work with you to develop a real partnership, one packed full of benefits that might include:

  • Affiliation with a successful, transparent, innovative and highly regarded and professional national charity in Ireland.
  • Opportunities for employee involvement and volunteering to include both regular committed volunteering and once-off skills based opportunities.
  • Branding on our materials and recognition through our social media channels, website, and press releases.
  • Delivery of LGBTI+ inclusion training and consultancy to help you meet your internal diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Enhanced reputation as a progressive, inclusive, and diverse company among the LGBTI+ community and wider public.
  • Opportunities to align with our campaigns and work to tackle issues such as equality and diversity, homophobia, sexual health, bullying, mental health, social inclusion, youth empowerment, and education.
  • Regular contact with a dedicated staff member at BeLonG To, experienced in fundraising and corporate partnerships.

We are seeking forward-thinking partners to join us in our mission, will you stand up for LGBTI+ young people?

For more information call our dedicated partnerships team on 01 670 6223 and ask to speak with either Eve or Oisin.