Leave a Legacy

How you’ll help LGBTI+ young people

Across the country, every day, we support young people fighting battles, stigma, and rejection in all aspects of their young lives.

It takes six years (on average) to come out. Often, that can mean six years of feeling along, confused, isolated, and terrified at the most vulnerable age of your life been 12 and 17. Six years of being afraid of mum and dad’s reaction, afraid of their friends, afraid of their school, afraid they’ll be discovered and shunned. And when they do come out, it can be a painful experience.

Your gift of a legacy, will ensure there is always someone to help and support these young people overcome their fears, and support them through the tough times.

We Can Help You

Leaving a gift in your will to BeLonG To, once you have provided for family and friends, is much easier and more inexpensive than you think. If you need any help we are here to support you every step of the way. We have a free step by step guide which you can order below, and we can also give you personal assistance.

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