The term Transitioning refers to the process through which Trans people achieve the appearance, gender expression and self-image they feel is right for them.

Some people may change their names (officially through a deed poll, or socially), pronouns, style of dress etc. as a means to express their gender identity. Others may feel that a medical Transition (e.g. hormone replacement therapy, surgery, etc.) is the right route for them. Take the steps that you are most comfortable with.

As you take the steps towards Transitioning, either physically, socially and/or emotionally it can help to get support from others, such as a health professional that is knowledgeable on Trans issues, friends, family members, trusted adults, or other Trans people. Ultimately,  do what feels right for you. Take as much time to decide as you need.

You are able to change some legal documents like your passport and drivers’ licenses when you officially change your name through deed poll.

For up to date information relating to Transitioning in Ireland, please get in touch with us and think about joining IndividualiTy which is a social and support group for young Trans people and those questioning their gender identity.

TENI – the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland have some brilliant resources including: