Vote With Pride

Image of people voting with pride in the 2020 general election.

On February 8th, your vote in the General Election will be crucial to decide the future for LGBTI+ young people in Ireland. Despite significant achievements within the past number of years regarding LGBTI+ equality and inclusion, there is still so much more to do as we witness a rise in hate speech and hate crime directed at LGBTI+ young people

Our #VoteWithPride campaign outlines how the Irish government can improve safety, equality and inclusion for LGBTI+ young people.

As a voter, we are calling on you to ask your election candidates if they will pledge their support to our manifesto commitments and create a better future for LGBTI+ youth.

If you are a candidate in this General Election, you can show your support for our manifesto which sets out a roadmap towards equality for LGBTI+ young people by declaring your support online using our #VoteWithPride hashtag.

These are commitments that, if implemented, will have a profound and positive impact upon the lives of LGBTI+ young people.

With your support, we can create a world where LGBTI+ young people are equal, safe, and valued in the diversity of their identities and experiences.

This election, please join us and #VoteWithPride

Read Our Manifesto Here