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Staying Safe Online

Social media and other online platforms can be a great way to keep in touch with friends, connect with the LGBTQ+ community, and find out more about topics and hobbies you love.

We know that self-care is an important part of looking after your mental health. You might meet friends, journal or do gaming as self-care. But did you know that you can also practice digital self-care when online and using social media?

Digital self-care tips

During the height of the pandemic, I joined Belong To after seeing an ad on Instagram for online groups. And now, even though the lockdown is over, we use social media in a different way. We now use it to find playlists for our house parties, send updates to the group chats, and post photos of our days out together where we are actually sitting beside each other and waving not through a screen. I feel so lucky to have found my community and some of my closest friends through social media.

Unfortunately, we know that online spaces can be nasty, too. If you are being harassed online, or are upset by the content you’re seeing on social media, remember that each social media channel has their own blocking and reporting function.

How to block content, accounts and keywords

How to report content and accounts

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