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Self-Care and Wellbeing

Just as we all have physical health, we all have mental health.

Often, when people think of mental health, negative images, thoughts or stereotypes come to mind. We can think of people experiencing severe mental health difficulties. However, mental health is about a lot more than just the negative issues that you so often see or hear about.

A useful way of thinking about your mental health is to see it as a scale or a spectrum. It ranges from good mental health and wellbeing on one end to poor mental health on the other. We are all somewhere along this spectrum of good mental health to poor mental health.

LGBTQ+ Mental Health

Many young LGBTQ+ people live happy and fulfilling lives, where they are accepted for who they are. However, the journey to get there can be difficult at times.  When you are LGBTQ+, sometimes there can be extra challenges that you may face such as coming out or accepting your identity. Discovering and beginning to accept who you are can be scary and confusing. 

It’s normal to feel anxious, stressed or worried because of this sometimes. It can be hard to focus when studying or working, and you may feel alone or isolated. If any of these feelings sound familiar to you, are happening a lot and are impacting you day-to-day, it is important to do something about it.

Self-Care Tips

Text or call someone you love

Write down 3 things you are grateful for

Spend time in nature

Drink a hot drink

Listen to your favourite song

Breath in and out slowly three times

Support Services

You are not alone. Our Youth Workers are here to chat you in confidence and free of charge no matter how big or small your problem is.

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Mental Health

If you are feeling low, anxious or struggling with your mental health, we are here for you.

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