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Belong To Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master Workshop

Calling all Wizards, Warlocks, Bards, and Druids – Belong To are hosting a Dungeons and Dragons Master Workshop for LGBTQ+ young people of all DND playing experience, including beginners! 

What is Dungeons & Dragons? 

In Dungeons & Dragons, the players form an adventuring party who explore fantasy worlds together as they embark on epic quests and level up in experience. The Dungeon Master (also known as the DM) is the game’s referee and storyteller. There’s no winning or losing in D&D—at least, not in the conventional way. 

At its heart, D&D is a game that focuses on storytelling. The dice just help you along. Everything is your decision, from what you look like, to how you act, to what happens next. 

The collective creativity in your D&D game builds stories that you’ll tell again and again ranging from the stuff of legend to absurd incidents that’ll make you laugh years later. 

When is the workshop? 

June 8th 2024 from 11am-4pm, Dublin City Centre.  

What’s involved? 

  • 11am – 1pm: An introduction session for beginners who have no experience of Dungeons and Dragons. 
  • 1pm – 2pm: Lunch for all attendees, beginners and experienced players. 
  • 2pm – 4pm: Session on how to become a D&D Dungeon Master for beginners and experienced players. 

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Thanks for your interest! This event is now full. Keep an eye on our socials for updates about upcoming events.