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Launch of First LGBTQ Traveller and Roma Poster

Launch Of First LGBTQ Traveller And Roma Poster

Monday, 16 June 2014

Pavee Point, BeLonG To Youth Services and LGBT Pavee today launched the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) Traveller and Roma poster. The poster was developed in consultation with Traveller, Roma and LGBTQ youth groups to increase the visibility of LGBTQ Travellers and Roma both in their own communities and in wider society.

Speaking at the launch of the poster, John Paul Collins of Pavee Point stated the importance of acknowledging and accepting LGBTQ members of ethnic minority groups in Ireland.

We have long been aware of the taboo around sexuality within the Traveller and Roma communities and this poster is an instrumental first step in challenging that taboo and building a greater culture of acceptance for all Travellers and Roma, regardless of their sexuality.

Also speaking at the launch David Carroll, Executive Director of BeLonG To – Ireland’s national LGBT youth service said: “We work with young people who are both members of the LGBT Community, and the Traveller and Roma communities. We see first hand the extreme isolation that they can experience – very often experiencing both racism and homophobia. This poster campaign aims to reach out to these and other young people, their friends, families and communities with a positive and empowering message – that it’s completely ok to be an LGBT Traveller or Roma young person and that if you are – we are here to support you”.

The poster is the result of months of partnership work between Pavee Point, BeLonG To and LGBT Pavee and is the first step in a longer process of inclusion to create national safe spaces and increase dialogue around sexuality in the Traveller and Roma communities.
Pavee Point is a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights and the organisation has marched in Dublin Pride for the past five years. This poster launch occurs on the first day of Traveller Pride, a national celebration of Traveller culture and achievement. BeLonG To has been a strong advocate for Traveller and Roma young people’s rights and both organisations have worked to support each other’s initiatives since 2003.