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Youth Work Ireland Meath LGBTQ+

This Navan-based LGBTQ+ youth group is for teenagers aged 13-21. If you want to find out more infomation about the group, contact the group leader using the information below.

The group meets weekly from 4-6pm on Thursdays for 13-16 year olds and 4-6pm on Fridays for 17-21 year olds.

What’s the Group like?

When I first joined the group I was terrified of calling myself Queer. So much so I would intentionally make sure people believed I was straight. The group helped me to learn to accept myself as I am. I think spaces like this are super important LGBTQI+ young people as it gives them a safe space to simply be themselves.”

When I came out to my friends, my then girlfriend brought me to Youth Work Ireland Meath’s LGBT+ group. This was in late 2014. I was terrified out of my wits, but everyone was friendly and welcoming. Three years later and it hasn’t lost its warmness. I look forward to seeing everyone each week. We are one big family and it means everything to me as it helped me accept myself and not feel alone.