LGBTQ+ Quality Mark

LGBTQ+ Quality Mark

Belong To is delighted to launch recruitment for the next phase of our support and accreditation initiative for LGBTQ+ safe and supportive schools – the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark!

Getting Involved:

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If you have questions about the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark, please get in touch with our Education and Training Officer, Stephen Cassidy (he/him):

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Why is the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark Important?

In Ireland, 76% of LGBTQ+ young people reported that they do not feel safe at school. However, research shows that effective school-based interventions can improve the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ students.

In 2022, 57 schools embarked on the 18-month journey to become an accredited LGBTQ+ safe and supportive school.

This year, we are excited to partner with a limited number of new post-primary schools nationwide to support them in working towards achieving the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark.

Speaking about their participation in the programme, Ben Condon, the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark Coordinator from Marino College Dublin said:

Taking part in the LGBTQ+ quality mark was an amazing experience for us as a school. By getting a team of passionate teachers together, working with our students, and support from Belong To; we have been able to work towards creating a school that is safe, supportive, inclusive, and representative of all of our students.

It will always be a continuous process that requires attention and is by no means a destination – but we are immensely proud that parents of LGBTQ+ students, and more importantly the students themselves, know that they are warmly welcomed and well looked after in our care.”

Niamh Sheridan (she/her), Deputy Principal from St. Joseph’s Secondary School in Westmeath speaking on her school’s participation said:

The LGBTQ+ Quality mark has been an invaluable asset to our school community. It has provided us with the tools to assess where we are in relation to becoming a fully LGBTQ+ safe and supportive school. The resources provided are excellent in helping to educate staff and students alike.

The mark itself ensures that we are providing the conditions needed to ensure that all of our students can attend a school wherein they feel respected and supported. It has helped us to reach highly effective practice in this area and is a benchmark for excellence.”


The Process

1. Recognise 

Recognise and promote existing supports for your LGBTQ+ school community. Together we will identify the key strengths in your existing approach to LGBTQ+ inclusion. Belong To will provide training and resources on how to do this including a user friendly toolkit which you can use to identify your strengths and areas for development.

2. Build & Grow 

Build on these existing supports, and grow as an LGBTQ+ Safe and Supportive School through inclusive practice and policies. Once the areas for development have been identified, together we can create a bespoke plan with key action areas for your school. Belong to will provide best practice recommendations in line with the Department of Education and practical ideas, suggestions and templates to support you every step of the way.

3. Achieve 

Celebrate your commitment by attaining the Belong To LGBTQ+ Quality Mark.

Once your schools has demonstrated best practice across the key actions areas, you can apply for your LGBTQ+ Quality Mark and become recognised across Ireland as an LGBTQ+ Safe and Supportive School. 

The LGBTQ+ Quality Mark is a whole school approach  which focuses on the four key areas of wellbeing promotion from an LGBTQ+ perspective: 

  • Creating an LGBTQ+ culture and environment 
  • Resourcing an LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum 
  • Nurturing LGBTQ+ inclusive relationships and partnerships 
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and  planning 


Resources and Supports:

Belong to will provide the following supports to schools embarking on this journey of inclusion:

Membership of our National Network of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools: Your school will become part of our Nation Network of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools where your team will have the opportunity to learn and share ideas, opportunities and the most up to date research and best practice in the field.

LGBTQ+ Support Team Training: Training will be provided for the school LGBTQ+ Support Team of 3-5 teachers who will take on the coordination of this initiative.

All Staff Training: Belong To will come into your schools and train your full staff to ensure they feel confident and empowered supporting LGBTQ+ young people and

Youth Group Training: When visiting your school Belong To will meet with your student council/diversity group or LGBTQ+ group to support and empower them.

1-to-1 Supports: Our dedicated Education and Training Team are always available to support you by phone, email or Zoom!

Resources: Belong To will provide comprehensive resources supporting the school through every aspect of this journey including best practice guidance, practical toolkits, activity ideas, templates, posters, presentations and much more built from our three year with schools across the country.


Getting Involved:

To apply to take part in the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark, fill out the form here

We are able to offer a reduced participation fee of €845. This fee covers the costs of all training (online and in-person), materials, resources, and one-to-one supports throughout the 18 month process. There are no additional costs to participation.

If you have questions about the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark, please get in touch with our Education and Training Officer, Stephen Cassidy (he/him):

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