Stand Up Awareness Week



It’s Stand Up Awareness Week! Running from November 15-19th, 2021.

What is Stand Up Awareness Week?

Stand Up Awareness Week is a time for second-level schools, youth services, and Youthreach in Ireland to join us and take a stand against homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. This week is an opportunity to take steps to make spaces safe and supportive for LGBTI+ young people. We will equip you with the resources, tools, and knowledge needed to host Stand Up Awareness Week in your school, youth service, or Youthreach this November.

It is heart-breaking that one in five young LGBTI+ people face bullying and that 73% of young LGBTI+ students feel unsafe at school. Together we can create spaces where LGBTI+ young people feel safe, equal, and valued.

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“Students approached me saying how proud they were that the school was proactive in showing the community that we were inclusive, welcome and intolerant of bullying.”

 Pierce DeCourcy, Regina Mundi College, Douglas, Co. Cork

“It is important for young people to see their school support them as LGBTI+ students and allies. We need to be them with love and support. We model the attitudes we want them to have and show them that they are respected and supported.”

Sabrina Dorgan, Youthreach Bandon, Cork

Stand Up Resources 

A Guide to Stand Up was sent to every second-level school and Youthreach in Ireland the week of October 18th. This guide, along with a toolkit and posters is available to download below.

Stand Up 2021 Digital Pack Download

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Free Online Training

Our Stand Up Awareness Week Training sessions for 2021 are now complete. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you missed the session, you can learn about creating an LGBTI+ inclusive school or youth service by participating in our free e-learning course. Click here to get started.