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Record numbers of LGBT+ young people set to march at this year’s PRIDE

Record numbers of LGBT+ young people set to march at this year’s PRIDE

Friday, 24 June 2016

Youth Work Ireland and Belong To will gather a record breaking 250 young LGBT+ young people from all across Ireland to march in Dublin’s Pride parade on Saturday 25th June. The group, consisting of Belong To’s National Network, will be the largest ever single group of young people marching under one banner ‘Transforming young LGBT lives’ at Dublin Pride.

The two organisations, who have a longstanding partnership working with LGBT+ young people around Ireland, have ramped up their support for this year’s parade and efforts to facilitate all young people who want to march and celebrate the recent gains for LGBT+ young people over the last year.

Moninne Griffith, Executive Director of BeLonG To said:

We are calling on young LGBT+ people and their friends from all over the country to BELONG TO PRIDE. These young people are the future of our community so it is vital that we raise awareness of the needs of LGBT+ young people today and to envision a future for them where they feel safe to be themselves in their schools, on the street and in their homes. We want to create a sense of community and belonging amongst the network of LGBT youth groups and demonstrate how LGBT youth work can transform and save young lives. Our goal is that our appearance as one big colourful group marching together will reflect this.”

Youth Work Ireland will also be throwing open the doors of one of Dublin’s most historic Georgian buildings for a “PRIDE Breakfast” for young LGBT+ people and their friends marching in the PRIDE Parade. The Youth Work Ireland HQ in 20 Lower Dominick Street is a world recognised Georgian heritage site which unique stucco ceilings and architecture. The morning event will feature music, advice, fun and a breakfast fit for a king!

Patrick Burke, CEO of Youth Work Ireland, said:

We’re really thrilled to massively increase our effort for this year’s PRIDE event which is only fitting given the major strides made for young LGBT+ people over the last year. For many years now Youth Work Ireland has been responding to the very real need to support young LGBT all around Ireland and we could not have done this without the excellent support of Belong To Youth Services. Today we are really seeing the fruition of this with many young people being totally confident to assemble in one of Dublin’s historic buildings and to march openly to celebrate who they are and the greater acceptance of this in a country that was once a cold place for them. We are extremely pleased that we can make a fitting city centre premise available for such an important event. Today we want to examine the critical value of LGBT+ Youth Work and how it has transformed and saved lives and how LGBT+ young people helped changed Ireland. However there are still huge challenges and barriers in creating an equal and inclusive Ireland. For the future we want to focus on the funding of  LGBT+ youth work, tackling the root causes of homophobia and transphobia and improving and saving lives of young LGBT people.”