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Educators and Youth Workers Supporting LGBTQ+ Young People


1-2 Hours

Who’s it for?

Anyone who works with LGBTQ+ young people



This interactive training includes videos, exercises and quizzes to equip you to become better at listening to, understanding, responding to, and supporting LGBTQ+ young people – ensuring that you become part of a positive story in their lives.

As part of the training, you will learn about:

  • Terminology and language
  • LGBTQ+ mental health
  • Managing our own attitude and bias
  • Gender and young people: nonbinary and transgender identities
  • Coming out
  • Improving your practice

What do I get?

Information and Skills to inform your work with LGBTQ+ youth

A handy training guide

A certificate of completion

How to get started

  1. Visit
  2. Select the course: Creating LGBT+ inclusive Schools and Youth Services with Belong To.
  3. Click the button ‘Create new account’.

Learning outcomes

We hope at the end of this programme participants will:

  • Know the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ young people in Ireland.
  • Understand the policies that affect young LGBTQ+ people and their relevance to their work.
  • Understand that many of us have some subconscious biases regarding LGBT+ and learn techniques to manage these.
  • Develop confidence in responding appropriately if a young person comes out to them.
  • Understand language and terminology relating to sexuality and gender.
  • Know how to support a young person who is questioning their gender identity.
  • Know how to challenge homophobic or transphobic language if they hear it.
  • Know what steps to take to make their organisation more inclusive of LGBTQ+ young people.