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The LadyBirds

The LadyBirds

We are a group for young LBT gals and non-binary pals. We chat above everything, from sexual health to movies and music over popcorn and a cup of tea! We meet every Thursday from 6-8pm.

We’re very friendly and welcome all new people, so if you’re feeling all alone, come and join us! Everything that happens in The LadyBirds stays confidential so don’t worry if you’re not out – if you don’t want to tell other people. For the first half hour we sit around, eat food, drink tea, and chat before we get down to work, and then in the last half hour we clean up the mess we’ve created and wind down. During the time that we do “productive” work, we’re the ones who get to decide what it is we are going to do, whether its learning about lesbian, bi, and trans women’s issues or watching a movie with a bit of popcorn. In the past we have made short films, submitted photography to Alaf (a Lesbian Arts Festival), produced our own magazine G.I.G (Girls Into Girls), and learned about sexual health.

No matter what goes on in The LadyBirds we always make sure we have the craic and make friends. The youth workers are always there to give us support and guidance.

Click here to read the Ladybirds Manifesto with more info on the group’s interests and causes close to their heart.

Please note that all new members must attend our New Young Persons Project before joining any of our other groups. To sign up, please click here

What’s the Group Like?

 “I attend most of the other groups also, but for me LadyBirds is my favourite by far. There is a fantastic bunch of girls in the group of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. No matter what ups and downs we go through in the group, we’ll always have each other’s back. It’s like walking into a group and leaving with another little family by the end! Everyone becomes so close and some of my closest friends I’ve met through LadyBirds.

I’ve learnt so many things in the group about society, myself and the other things young LBT women deal with daily. Ladybirds have made me a much more confident young person. I was fairly confident going into the group but hated getting up and talking in large groups. Being given the opportunity to be able to facilitate workshops and get involved in campaigns really helped with that.

The youth workers in BeLonG To as a whole are some of the most admirable and respected bunch of people you’ll ever meet. They go above and beyond to insure the girls are getting as much out of the group as possible. I know without LadyBirds I would never have met half the friends I’ve gained. It’s my little safe place, the one place I know I can go and be free from judgement and the stress of everyday life.” Tanya


 “A friend of mine was in Ladybirds so I went just to see what it was like. I’d heard great things about it. I was a bit nervous before going as I didn’t know what to expect which was intimidating. I thought the girls would be in their own little groups of friends and such.

I came back because I really enjoyed my time there; everyone was so friendly and funny. The youth worker was really welcoming, and I found it easy to relax there. My nerves were gone after about 10 minutes into the group.

Ladybirds has made me more confident in my abilities, the group have provided me with so many amazing experiences and taught me so much over the few years. I’ve made some amazing friends there. The best thing about Ladybirds is the diversity in the group, people from all walks of life attend and it makes the group so much more fun. I’ve learned so much from everyone who goes.”Lesley


  • Find us: 13 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
  • Phone us: 01 670 6223
  • Email us: