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Tiffany Fitzgerald-Brosnan, Office and Operations Manager

Pronouns: she/her

Who inspires you? 

There are lots of people who inspire me, I couldn’t possibly single one person out.

What are your hobbies?

I like finding out about different places around the world. I like to socialise with friends, be it with food or just drinks, but I love some downtime too when it’s me and my cat, Juanita. 

What’s your favourite animal? 

I love lots of different animals, I wouldn’t have said I was a cat lover until Juanita came into my life nearly 6 years.  She’s been part of the family since she was barely 6 weeks old so I’d be lost with out her now.  

Where would you like to travel? 

So many places to see, anywhere with sunshine and beautiful beaches, the more secluded and quiet the better. I love cities too especially for long weekends or in the winter months while waiting for the summer to come around.

How do you support LGBTI+ young people?

I look after the office end of things such as admin and finance, I support the youth team with anything they need and I help support the Stand Up! annual campaign.