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Youth Work Ireland Galway shOUT! LGBT+ Youth Group

shOUT LGBT+ Youth Project is a safe, supportive and fun space for LGBT+ young people, Questioning young people and allies aged 13-24 based in Galway.

The project aims to promote a safe space for LGBT+ young people to develop friendships with peers, as well as to provide an experience of inclusion, diversity, acceptance, and social justice.

shOUT is their space to meet other young people who they may relate to, and a space to empower and support young people to work together on issues affecting them. This space also gives young people a positive sense of community and belonging.

Our LGBT+ social spaces are youth led, we work with young people based on their common interests

shOUT also works to address issues and concerns affecting all young people today. We currently have weekly social groups, activities, one-to-one support, LGBT+ information, resources, and LGBT+ inclusion, education and awareness events


Address: 43 Prospect Hill, Galway, H91 E4W5, Ireland

County: Galway

Contact Number: 087 659 5534